Research Experience

2018-Present Graduate Research Assistant, Cornell University, Ithaca

Organic Robots Laboratory (ORL)

Principal Investigator: Prof. Robert Shepherd

Project 1: Jellyfish Soft Robot Design

Project 2: Stretchable Flow Battery

2016-2018 Graduate Research Assistant, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Energy Innovation Lab

Principal Investigator: Prof. Walter Merida

Project 1: In-situ Electrochemical Treatments on Semiconductors for H2 Production

Project 2: Photoelectrochemical (PEC) Solar Cell Design

2013-2016 Graduate Research Assistant, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi'an

International Research Center for Renewable Energy (IRCRE)

Principal Investigator: Prof. Mingtao Li

Project 1: Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting for Hydrogen Generation (core-shell WO3/BiVO4, nano-branched TiO2, BiVO4)

Project 2: Design and Manufacture of Electrospinning/Electrospray Pyrolysis Device

Fig 1 Jellyfish robot demo
Fig 2 Schematic of electrochemical treatment system
Fig 3 Schematic of water splitting